January 2, 2017

New Year, New Blog, New Goals

Happy New Year friends! Now that we are three days into 2017, I have had some time to sit down and come up with a list of goals and resolutions for the new year. This list did not come easy but I decided that all my goals center around two words: focused and intentional. For many of my previous new years, I set many different goals and had lots of big changes I wanted to make, but there was no plan to reach these goals. Sadly, year after year when December 31st came back around I was disappointed that I did not meet any of my long list of goals. So this year I needed to set not only goals but a plan to reach my New Year's goals. 

This year will be different. I am ready to set the world on fire and work towards reaching my goals every day. So here it goes... my 2017 New Years goals. 

  1. Focus on my health. In order to work towards this goal, I have decided that I need to drink more water, get to the gym (instead of wasting money on a membership and never going), and be more conscientious of what I eat. So what's my plan for reaching this goal? Well, I first went to Target (my favorite place) and purchased a brand new Nalgene water bottle. This thing is ginormous ( holds 48 oz of liquid)! My thought is that maybe if I work towards drinking one whole water bottle a day I will be more likely to do it rather than having to keep filling another water bottle all day. As for the gym, I needed to find a gym buddy that would hold me accountable (especially for those days when I easily could say "I'll just go tomorrow"). So I recruited one of my favorite people to be the push I need, my lovely mother. We have set a calendar with the days and times we will go and what exactly we will do while we are there... so far it is going great (even though we are only 3 days in)! Finally, the most difficult part of this goal, eating right. I have decided to start small, which for me, that means I eat out less and make fewer stops at my local coffee shop for my large double-double. Instead, I'll use the time I would normally wait in the drive through to eat breakfast at home. 
  2. Work intentionally. Over the past year since beginning to teach full time, I noticed how much time I waste by procrastinating doing work. This procrastination means I bring bags of work home on the weekends and spend my Sunday nights planning instead of relaxing. I also have seen how much work procrastination affects my other personal interests such as blogging or making products for Teachers Pay Teachers. Since I always wait to get things done for my full-time teaching job, I always push blogging or making products off to the side. For some of you that followed my blog when it first launched, I made a very short post about a year ago and that was it. Well like I said before this year will be different. I have come up with a schedule for making my weekly lesson plans so I am always ahead by a week. I have also set blogging and TpT schedules so I can put more time into my side interests that give me joy. I am hoping all of you will see lots more blog posts and great new products you can use in your classroom this new year!
  3. Save rather than spend. I love shopping like Meredith loves Derek. However, over my Christmas break I decided to go through all of my things (clothes, jewelry, shoes, school supplies, etc.) and I realized I have TOO MUCH. I need to simplify and use what I already have. In order to hold myself accountable, I have come up with a weekly savings plan ( with the help of Pinterest) so by this time next year I will have built my savings and feel like I have simplified my life.  
  4. Find time for personal time. This year I want to find time to do things like read a book or take a yoga class. For Christmas I received a Barnes and Noble giftcard so I have decided I am going to buy some books to help get myself started on this goal (book reccomendations are much appreciated)! I also picked up a class schedule at my local gym and found a free yoga class (I already wrote the time and date for the first class in my planner)! Small things like reading a new book or taking an hour out of my day to do yoga are the steps I need to take to give myself a bit more me time.
  5. Be a part of social groups that help me grow professionally and personally. I love being apart of groups of people that build each other up to be their best selves. For this year, I want to meet more people ( no matter if they live close or far) who share similar interests as me ( teaching, blogging, TpTing, drinking coffee, etc.) and communicate and collaborate to keeping growing personally and professionally. 

January 28, 2016

Hey Y'all

Welcome to my brand new blog! I am so glad you have stopped by. I started this blog after being inspired by so many other teachers out there. I hope that this will be a place for you to find ideas, inspiration, and share your thoughts.