August 18, 2017

Friday Five: Celebrating the End of Summer Vacation

The Friday Five: Celebrating the End of Summer Vacation 

As my summer vacation comes to a close I wanted to find ways to celebrate going back to school. So here are the five things I love to do before I get back into the classroom.

1. Back to School Clothes Shopping: I remember always having a day of shopping with my mom before I headed back for a new school year. I always loved this tradition, so even as a teacher, I continue to do it. My mom and I love to check out the outlet mall a couple hours from my house. It is an all day event because we love to go in each and every store (don't want to miss a good deal). I will be doing a whole blog post about back to school outfits and which stores give great teacher discounts, so keep an eye out!

2. Manicure and Pedicure: I am a big believer that when my nails are done I feel like I have my life a little more together. So before September hits, I get a manicure and pedicure to make me feel my best as I start a new school year. Its always important for a little self-love before the busy school year sets in!

3. Lunch with a Friend: When the school year starts back, its packing lunches and eating on the go. So for one last summer hoo-rah, I like to enjoy a lunch with a friend. Not rushing, no multi tasking, just enjoying a fresh meal and good conversation.

4. Sleep In Day: Going back to school means late nights and early mornings, so before heading back I take advantage of one final sleep in on the weekend. I dedicate a whole weekend to not setting an alarm and getting the rest I need. This may seem silly but it always makes me feel a little more ready to head back to work.

5. One Final Summer To Do: Number five is based on you! Think of all the goals or to-do lists you wrote for summer vacation. Choose one thing on that to-do list that you didn't get to. It's a great feeling to accomplish more than you thought you would!

August 15, 2017

The Start of Merry Little Teacher

I thought the best way to start off my blog would be to properly introduce myself and describe my goals for this little space! 

My name is Kelsey and I am an English as a New Language Teacher in New York. Before being an ENL teacher, I taught first grade for a year! I started this blog after my first year in this new position as a way to share ideas I am trying in my classroom and to show the lifestyle of being a teacher, which means shopping for things on clearance and emptying the Target Dollar Spot. 

I always have my students start their school year with goal setting, so what would be better than taking my own advice! Here are my five goals for The Merry Little Teacher Blog. 

Goal #1: Share all I can with my online teacher friends! I want this to be a place for teachers to get inspired! 

Goal #2: Connect and collaborate with teachers from around the world! Let's create a community of teachers that lift each other up! 

Goal #3: Point you in the direction of deals and discounts on a teacher salary! It might be deals on clothing, classroom materials or even food and I will share them all! 

Goal #4: Create materials for teachers to use with their own kiddos! I will be sharing lots of resources including freebies I have designed to make the day a little easier. 

Goal #5: Love every minute of this adventure. I want to cultivate a love for a passion in my classroom and that means I need to put love into my own passion!

So here comes The Merry Little Teacher! I hope you enjoyed my first post of many and as always thank you so much for reading!